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    Sponsored by Bloomfield Shopping Centre & Retail Park Traders Association

    A multiple retailer MUST have three or more stores across Northern Ireland with one being in Bangor. Mystery shoppers will be looking for excellence in customer service standards that enhance the shopping experience. Multiple retailers must prove that they are focused on their customer’s individual needs through their product offering, customer service and store environment.

    Sponsors text:

    It is with great pleasure that Bloomfield Shopping Centre & Retail Park Traders Association is sponsoring the Customer Service - Multiple Retailer category at the 2018 Bangor Business Awards.

    Choice of traditional retailer has never been so broad or so fluid. The retail sector is changing more rapidly than ever before in no small part due to the inexorable rise of E-commerce. However, one constant is the ability for Customer Service to positively differentiate a business from its competitors.

    At Bloomfield we are constantly striving to deliver to our customers the best shopping experience possible both as a Centre and individually as Retailers. We recognise the value of customer loyalty and never take it for granted. In the current environment complacency in business can be fatal.

    Great Customer Service is no fluke - it takes vision, planning, leadership, colleague buy-in and hard work so any finalist in this category really deserves recognition – congratulations to you all.

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    Sponsored by Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors

    Open to those businesses who have delivered a unique marketing idea that has successfully promoted their business to customers or clients. Entrants will need to explain what they did and demonstrate how it impacted on the business and how they plan to take advantage of new market opportunities.

    Sponsors text:

    Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors put our clients first. We meet our clients’ deadlines. Our enthusiastic, positive & experienced solicitors & staff transparently communicate with our clients. Our promotion to our market emphasises our commitment to quality service levels. The 65 Wilson Nesbitt colleagues working in Bangor are delighted to promote local marketing innovation through our support for the Best Marketing Initiative Award.

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    J. Hatty & Co Insurance

    Aimed at independently owned retail stores in Bangor. Shoppers are increasingly looking for a unique and ‘special’ experience from an independent retailer who can demonstrate individuality, quality service and innovative merchandising. Mystery shoppers will be looking for evidence of excellent customer service, as well as an understanding of their customer base.

    Sponsors text:

    J Hatty & Co are delighted to be a sponsor once again this year for the Bangor Business Awards 2018. We are excited to sponsor the Customer Service, Independent Retailer category this year and look forward to hearing about some unique and customer-focussed Bangor retailers.

    Having been involved in the business community in Bangor and beyond for more than 40 years we recognise the importance of consistent best practice and in providing exceptional customer service. The customer is key to any businesses and the service provided is critical in making a successful business and sustaining it in todays’ challenging times.

    We look forward to the Gala night and to presenting the winner and we wish all 2018 entrants, the very best of luck.

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    Sponsored by NDDO

    Open to all totally new businesses (not a rebranded business) that has been trading since 1stApril 2017. Entrants will need to demonstrate what the business is, how it has developed its market and customer base and give an overview of future plans.

    Sponsors text:

    NDDO are delighted to sponsor the Best New Business award which recognises the achievement and contribution of small business to the local economy – the Board and Management are proud to support this very important event which celebrates the spirit of enterprise – we wish all the entrants well.

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    Sponsored by Bangor FM

    Open to all coffee shops and cafes only in Bangor. Entrants will need to demonstrate their commitment to excellent customer care and service as well as their commitment to great coffee and food offerings. Mystery shoppers will be especially keen to see evidence of use and support of local producers and suppliers.

    Sponsors text:

    Bangor FM is honoured to be sponsoring this year's Best Coffee Shop/Cafe category for the Bangor Business Awards in 2018.

    We all know Bangor has the best places to eat and drink in Northern Ireland, so it is a privilege to be connected to one of the most contested categories.

    Bangor FM, which is based and supported by SERC, aims to promote the best of Bangor and beyond. Our industry-standard studio is based at the main SERC campus in Bangor and our volunteers are trained by media professionals. We strive to promote what is happening in our town. Get in touch on Bangor FM's Facebook and Twitter pages or email studio@bangorfmradio.com.

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    Sponsored by First Choice Selection Services

    Open to those business who provide a professional business service specifically; accountants, solicitors, banks, designers, PR,communications, training advisers, child-care etc. Entrants will need to explain and define their business service, how it demonstrates excellence for its clients and future plans.

    Sponsors text:

    First Choice Selection Services are delighted to sponsor the Customer Service, Professional Business Services award at the Bangor Business Awards 2018.

    We are proud to have the opportunity to support Business in the Bangor and North Down area who are building on the well-deserved reputation for quality customer service throughout the professional sector. We look forward to celebrating the Award winners on the night

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    Sponsored by Spectator Newspapers

    *Public nominated award*

    Aimed at premises, organisations, clubs, bodies, venues and businesses who specifically run, manage and deliver an event or regular activity, specifically aimed at the tourist (both local and far afield!). Entrants will be requested from the public and a brief explanation must be provided by the nominee that explains the nominated event or activity and why they feel it has made a positive impact in the Bangor area.

    Sponsors text:

    Spectator Newspapers are delighted to be the design, media and print partner for the Bangor Business Awards 2018. Following the success of the new Best Tourism Event or Activity category last year, we are pleased again to sponsor this public nominated and voted category. As the local community paper our involvement in the annual awards is of great importance to us and we are pleased that our readers can be involved in the voting process through this exciting category. Keep an eye in The Spectator for details of how to nominate and vote for this category!

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    Sponsored by Ulster Bank

    Open to an individual who is not the owner or ‘boss’ but a team members who really gives their all for the business. A valued employee who you wouldn’t want to be without and who really works hard to grow, develop and nourish the business.

    Sponsors text:

    Ulster Bank are delighted to be involved with the Bangor Business Awards 2018. As a supporter of local businesses with both our Business Banking offering and Ulster Bank Boost, we appreciate the invaluable contribution employees make to their success and as such, we are delighted to be able to sponsor the Employee of the Year category. We would like to wish all the finalists the best of luck and we look forward to celebrating all that is great about Business in Bangor!

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    Sponsored by Ards and North Down Borough Council

    This award is open to small and large businesses that can demonstrate how they have achieved identifiable results and business development through such measures as, performance against targets; growth of repeat business or new business; job creation; adoption of new products or technologies.

    Sponsors text:

    This award acknowledges the effort, creativity and teamwork that goes into developing a business and making it a success. From business concept to managing growth, Ards and North Down Borough Council is pleased to support local businesses, across all sectors, with tailored support throughout the year and to celebrate the finalists and winner of the Business Development Award for 2018.

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    Sponsored by Focus

    Open to an individual from Bangor who will have played a significant role in the development of a business and can demonstrate involvement across the wider business community. The entrant will be able to demonstrate energy, ambition, skill and vision.

    Sponsors text:

    Focus are delighted to be sponsoring the business person of the year award at the Bangor Business Awards. There are many quality independent businesses in Bangor with excellent people that work within them. We are proud to support and work in partnership with the Bangor Chamber of Commerce and look forward to hearing the winner being announced on the evening

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    Sponsored by Bangor Chamber of Commerce

    This award is aimed at those unsung hero employers who provide a secure, nurturing, engaging, inspiring and supportive environment for their employees. A company that really goes the extra mile for their staff.

    Sponsors text:

    Bangor Chamber of Commerce are delighted to sponsor this very popular category. Bangor has some brilliant places to work with lots of great businesses, large and small, who really appreciate, nurture and empower their employees. We wish all entrants the best of luck and look forward to hearing about the winner on the gala night.

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    Sponsored by Hamilton Morris Waugh

    Open to Bangor based family businesses who have at least two generations working in the business. Entrants must have family members working in the business and must explain what the business is, the family roles and their plans for succession to ensure the continuation of the business.

    Sponsors text:

    Hamilton Morris Waugh are delighted to, once again, be a sponsor of the Bangor Business Awards in support of the Best Family Business category. A local firm established in 2000, Hamilton Morris Waugh provides Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping, Company Secretarial and Audit Services. Over the past 15 years, our firm has gone from strength to strength, creating jobs in the local area and enabling us to expand the services we can provide for our clients. As a family run business ourselves, we understand the importance of supporting owner managed business and building relations in the local community.

    We look forward to hearing about the finalists and wish them all luck!

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    Sponsored by Danske Bank

    Open to such businesses which derive their income from their creative services. This could be in design, radio, television, video production, crafts, arts, gallery, music, yoga or any type of business that thinks outside-the-box and lets their clients discover and develop the creativity on offer either to them or for them.

    Sponsors text:

    Danske Bank is delighted to be a sponsor of the Bangor Business Awards in support of the Best Creative Business category. As one of the Leading Retail Banks in Northern Ireland we understand the challenges of running or starting a new business. We are happy to support our customers and clients that think outside the box and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our team of Business Advisers and Private Banking Managers work in close collaboration with all of our customers to help them seize opportunities and move to the next level.

    We are proud to support and work in partnership with the businesses in the Bangor and North Down area and look forward to hearing from the 2018 finalists that excel in what they do best.

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    Sponsored by Creative Commercial Interiors

    This award will seek to reward a business premise design that is fit for purpose, exhibits excellence and suits the needs of staff and customers.

    Sponsors text:

    Creative Commercial Interiors are delighted to be a sponsor of the Bangor Business Awards once again, this year in support of a well-suited category for us, Best Business Premises.

    As a business which specialises in creating the right working environment for all sizes and types of businesses, we understand and are passionate about the importance of getting your business space right for all stakeholders. We are thrilled to see this category back for 2017!

    We wish all entrants the best of luck and we are excited about hearing about the finalists and eventual winner.

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    Sponsored by Main Street My Street

    This award acknowledges an individual or business that has a relationship with the community through their voluntary contribution. Someone /business who is involved with local community projects or activities and who helps make an impact on the lives of others in the Bangor area.

    Sponsors text:

    Main Street, My Street, Bangor is delighted to be a sponsor of the Bangor Business Awards in support of the Involvement in The Community category. Main Street, My Street Bangor’s aim is to champion our local town and support its retailers especially in Upper Main Street. Through sponsorship of this award, we will also be celebrating the amazing personalities that make this town special.

    We look forward to receiving lots of great nominations for people who deserve recognition for their work and efforts that make a difference to Bangor.

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    Sponsored by Ards and North Down Borough Council

    This award will recognise a Social Enterprise that has been operating/trading and can evidence; excellent vision and strategic direction; clear leadership and management of the organisation; high degree of customer satisfaction; a clearly-evidenced social, environmental and community impact; show sustainability in terms of profit and growth; Good brand awareness and communication outputs; evidence of creativity and innovation.

    Sponsors text:

    Council, provides a range of support to assist the Social Enterprise sector and this award recognises the innovation and sustainable social benefit that Social Enterprise brings by reinvesting profits to improve the wellbeing of people and local communities.

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    Sponsored by Bangor Chamber of Commerce

    This award recognises and rewards a business or individual in Bangor, for their commitment and dedication to the business and the town of Bangor.

    *A previous winner of this award cannot be nominated for a second time*

    The public are invited to nominate the business or individual and will be asked to complete three questions in order for the nomination to be considered.

    Sponsors text:

    This is always the highlight of the awards evening and one we are especially proud to present. We have seen some amazing winners over the last fifteen years, individuals who have demonstrated years of passion, commitment and dedication to the town, their business and the wider business community.

    We look forward to presenting the 2018 winner!